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How to Buy Prescriptions in Canada?

How to Buy Prescriptions in Canada

There are many retail pharmacies in Canada, many of you already know My Canadian Pharmacy, which is the largest pharmacy in Canada. You will probably wonder how to buy prescription drugs in this country? Read this article to find it out.

How to buy prescription medicine?

Many people coming to Canada face the problem of buying medicines. They got used to buying various antibiotics, painkillers or other serious drugs after consulting a pharmacist, not a doctor. After all, 10 different packages of antibiotics for colds (different manufacturers) are very similar. Especially it concerns the main active ingredient. But in Canada, the situation with the purchase of serious drugs is fundamentally different. No pharmacist will sell you a medicine without a prescription from your doctor. The reason for this is the inaccessibility of buying serious medicines from children, adolescents, people with mental disorders, etc. Thus, the Canadian government reduces the mortality rate and the number of life-threatening diseases in the country.

Usually, the prescription is prescribed by a family doctor or another doctor. The recipe is printed out with the name of the medicine, your personal information and the required dosage – the patient’s data (name, address, phone number); the information about the medicine (daily dose, total dose). Prices for prescription drugs in pharmacies are not listed. All you have to do is give the prescription to the pharmacist, and the prescribed medications are selected in a short time. While waiting, the patient receives something like a clock or pager. When your order is ready, this device emits a signal, after which you can pay for your medicine on hand. When you pay for the order, you will have to go to the pharmacist, who will tell you how to take the medicine, and only after that, the patient will be able to buy the drug. If your doctor has prescribed pills for you, they will be placed in a special jar, where it will be indicated in what quantity and when you should take the medicine. As a rule, the instruction is given separately to the buyer. In addition, the number of pills will be exactly as your doctor prescribed.

My Canadian Pharmacy offers a special refill service for people with chronic diseases who are constantly forced to take medicine. This service constantly reminds patients that they need to buy the next batch of medication. The Rx for such medicines is prescribed by the doctor once a year, but the delivery of drugs is carried out in certain portions.

You can buy some painkillers and antipyretic drugs, cough medicines, nasal sprays, vitamins, remedies for constipation, diarrhea, motion sickness in transport, as well as vitamins, first aid for minor injuries, burns and cuts, bandages, adhesives and smoking cures without a prescription. But antibiotics, cardiovascular drugs, psychotropic drugs, hormonal pills and other drugs are only available on prescription.