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Questions from Our Customers

At Cooper Drug Pharmacy, we make sure the clients do not waste their time regarding the delivery of their personalized formulations, and consultations. The same concerns online users who came across our service and want to get to know more. For your convenience, here is an extensive list of the most common and frequently asked questions concerning our activity and compounded medicine together.

  • Is Cooper Drug Pharmacy a reliable party to get medications from?

Our experience in the pharmaceutical market says itself. Serving from 1965 to residents of Powder Springs, we achieved to create a depository not only of clients who turn to us daily but our partners who work with our team to provide the best services to you. We never compromise on quality even if you have a kind of deadline to get a drug. We deal only with time-proven and safe ingredients and pharmacists who know how to combine and mix them.

  • What is our working time?

We work from Monday till Friday 9 am-7 pm, Wednesday 9 am – 6 pm. And, we are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Find us at 4045 Lindley Circle Powder Springs, GA 30127. For more information, our contacts are phone: 770-943-3566, fax: 770-943-0723.

  • Do you require a prescription for compounded drugs?

Yes. A personalized formula of a drug, or a recreating of commercially dispensed products proceeds after receiving the indications from doctors. Note, you do not have to look for experts who issue these prescriptions because they are provided by any doctor or healthcare provider.

  • Why is compounded medicine better?

There is no such qualifier as better. Compounded medicine was designated to meet the needs of individuals who cannot take traditional medications. They are allergic to some components, have digestion or swallowing problems. The same, they may need specific flavoring or strength. Thus, it is not a marketing whim or a new approach to treating low health conditions but a life-saving solution when commercial drugs cannot be taken.

  • Who regulates the activity of compounded pharmacies?

It is the responsibility of state boards of pharmacy, FDA, federal and state authorities. Thus, it is a common belief that compounded pharmacies are not reliable parties to get drugs from.

  • Do insurance plans cover compounded prescriptions?

It will only depend on your insurance plan. Many of them cover and reimburse the money. However, we encourage you to consult your insurance provider to be aware of such a possibility.

  • Can you compound any medications?

In fact, anything can be compounded. In particular, we recreate creams, tablets, capsules, sprays, suppositories, transdermal gels, lollipops, powders.

  • Who should sign for delivery?

You have to sign for the delivery. In case, you are absent, it can be done by any other adult who has permission from you. However, we do not give the parcels to underaged individuals, especially if it contains controlled substances. If neither you nor other people at home upon the delivery, the package will be sent to the nearest post office or back to our facilities. Make sure, to collect it as fast as possible.

  • Where can you take instruction for the intake?

When a doctor fills in a prescription for a compounded medication, he may indicate the dosing regimen and instructions toward the application. Once we create the personalized formula, we also attach the instructions for you to follow. If you still have doubts, you may address these concerns together with bringing your formula to a doctor.

  • Are there any side effects of compounded medications?

Yes. Do not think these medications are completely safe to use. The same as commercial and branded analogs, they may provoke side effects, especially if you exceed the dosage on your own. In case, of experiencing even the slightest allergic reactions or any other supporting adverse effects, stop taking a drug and seek medical aid if the symptoms do not disappear.

  • Can I get a medication that is not mentioned with the Cooper Drug site?

We provide online users only with an approximate list of compounded medications distributed and prepared with us. The actual list is extensive. Of course, we are ready to accommodate other needs. Contact us and provide us with information about the required formula.

  • Can you call my doctor for a refill?

Yes. We provide such a service upon the request.

If you did not find the question bothering you the most, please address your inquiries by calling us. Cooper Drug Pharmacists would be happy to assist you and consult you regarding the compound medicine phenomenon, available formulas, and additional services provided with us.