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Cooper Drug Pharmacy offers a wide assortment of compounded medications. Starting from an adjustment in dosing up to meeting dietary requirements toward gluten-free patients. In our services, we resemble the baking process. We mix the active ingredients and designate only the required amount of medication for one’s health condition. Please note, to proceed with us, we will need a few information only. Prescription is the main requirement allowing our pharmacists to understand the patient’s needs.

Compounded drugs are solutions for individuals who cannot turn to standard options because of their specific needs. Thus, it can take some time to come up with a perfect formula for remedy. Compared to branded analogs actively distributed on the pharmaceutical market, a person should in all cases provide us with a prescription from the doctor. So that, we will understand the primary reasons for manufacturing specialty items. In most events, compounded medications at Cooper Drug are created within one day after receiving the prescription. While some formulas may need a little bit more time. From our side, our pharmacists do their best to provide you with a product within the shortest period. And, most importantly the manufacturing speed does not compromise on quality.

Speaking of the price, compounded prescriptions are not considered an expensive option. At Cooper Drug, we understand how it is crucial to have easy access to affordability concerning the right treatment of health conditions. So, we strive to put options for those who have both high and low paying capacities. As a result, no one throws money down the drain. If the prices become an obstacle, we can offer other solutions.

As of now, any doctor or healthcare provider can write a compound prescription. So, individuals are deprived of looking for specialized issuers who deal only with these medications.

Note, all pharmaceutical goods dispensed with us meet all the guidelines set by federal agencies that, in turn, monitor and control the drug administration, its safety, and efficiency. Contact our customer support team to get to know more. If required, we work with an extensive network of trusted prescription providers. Please leave your inquiry, and we will be more than happy to assist you.