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Our Benefits

Serving the Powder Springs GA residents since 1965, Cooper Drug Pharmacy provides exceptional care to people who require compounded medications. We understand how necessary is to proceed with the treatment even in cases when allergy or drug application difficulties prevent you from taking commercially dispensed drugs. For this purpose, our pharmacists led by Bob Cecil know inside out of the individual recipe for compounded medication. We mix, combine, and eliminate the active ingredients in the way, you can take a drug without risk to your health condition.

Our advantages:

  • Cooperation with most of the dedicated experts such as physicians, dentists, orthopedists, veterinarians, orthodontists, nurse practitioners, and many more;
  • Prices that correspond to the quality, and affordable options for those with low paying capacities. We can always make advances with people who do not find the price suitable for their needs;
  • Emergency delivery. First off, we can guarantee you that a medication will be ready in one to two days only. If taking more time, we notify the clients about such events but even they are justified. Then, we do our best to come up with the best-personalized formula for individuals’ needs’
  • Special dosing for children. Do not make your kid take many pills at once. It will lead to his complete denial of taking other medications. Our pharmacists know how to combine all necessary purposes or indications in one pill only;
  • A wide variety of breathing medications. Otherwise, show us a prescription of a necessary one, and we will make it within one day;
  • Specialty gift items. Need a healthy supplement for yourself or your friends? We can meet your expectations. However, do always remember that a consultation with a doctor prior to the intake of drugs or supplements is a must. All the rest we will do for you;
  • Flexible hours of operation. Monday till Friday, 9 am-7 pm and Wednesday 9 am – 6 pm;
  • Fast response to clients’ inquiries. You do not waste your time on us because we know it all about compounded medication, and will accommodate any inquiries toward their preparation;
  • Pharmacists who can provide people with drug information, consultations. We are not a substitute for a consultation with your doctor or healthcare provider but we share the awareness of compounded drugs administration.

This is a list of the most common and important benefits we can boast since 1965. However, we can surprise you even more.

We help clients with information regarding prescriptions. For those who find it hard to find a provider who issues a valid prescription for a compounded drug, we have a network of licensed and trusted issuers.

Our experts are knowledgeable in allergic manifestations concerning the intake of commercial drugs. Thus, they know the ways on how to adjust the formulas for patients who have special requirements. Upon receiving your medical picture of an allergy such as lactose, cornstarch, gluten, preservative, we will proceed with the preparation of a unique recipe.

Cooper Drug understands the difficulties emerging during the intake of medications. Especially, we are useful for children and elderly patients in terms of pharmaceutical care. Cannot swallow a pill or have digestion problems connected with poor absorption? Not a problem for us, we can offer you personalized analogs in forms of gels, jelly, transdermal gel, and liquid.

We work on flavoring. Again, it concerns children who may refuse to take medication only because it is bitter and not tasty. A compounded medication can adjust to many flavorings without compromising on efficiency and quality. Some of the flavors popular within demanding clients are banana, chocolate, peppermint, strawberry, tutti frutti. However, we always welcome inquiries related to your preferences.

We know how to revive discontinued or out of stock items. It is a common practice to come across your required medication stopped for commercial release. And, in such cases, looking for efficient analog may take precious time. We re-create such drugs by compounding approach. And, allow you to continue your treatment.

At last but not least, we provide tailored dosages to individuals who require a specific strength of a drug.