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Specialty Compounding

Cooper Drug offers a specialized service of compounding. We provide patients with unique formulations regarding their needs for a specific medication. These formulations, in turn, help to assist the treatment of those people who have allergic reactions to active ingredients in the composition of commercially dispensed drugs, intolerance or contraindications regarding the application. Upon receiving a prescription from a doctor allowing us to start our preparation, we designate a unique recipe that will combine, mix the ingredients in the way, a drug becomes safe and suitable for one’s health condition.

Nowadays, a potential client can get a prescription for compounded medication with any doctor or provider. There is no need to look for specialized dedicated experts. The same, we may offer you supporting services as well. We have a recorded network of trusted providers near you who can provide people with a prescription. Upon receiving this medical indication from you, we will take a moment to check the accuracy, and start making your unique formula. Most commonly, this process does not take longer than one day. In case of any delays, it may be a subject to a task of load or ordering particular ingredients for a compounded drug. However, from our side, Cooper Drug Pharmacy does it best to meet the needs of any person within the shortest period without compromising on the quality of the product.

General Information on Compounded Medicine

Compounded medications are prescribed for many reasons. A physician may recommend their intake in patients who have dietary or formula requirements. For example, elderly people or children find it hard swallowing pills, so a licensed pharmacist may designate the drug in the form of jelly. The same it works with pills that can be prepared in the form of liquid. Also, it is a perfect solution for those people who have digestive conditions preventing the medications from proper absorption. In such cases, Cooper Drug can offer them as a suppository or transdermal gels. Other options with us:

  • We make specific formulas for children who need small doses only;
  • We combine medications to limit the number of pills required to take;
  • We meet dietary requirements. Our pharmacists can prepare a compounded formula without food dyes, lactose, wheat, barley, rye, cornstarch, and so on;
  • We revive stopped commercial products that are no more available to patients who require only them for their treatment;
  • We work on flavoring for your kids or yourself;
  • We have many breathing medications.

Please, contact us to get additional information concerning our services and options for preparing the compounded medication.