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Despite all efforts to update the information contained on this site, neither the site administration, nor third parties are the source of the information offered and are not answerable for the information posted on the website that may be provided by a third party or a content provider) and has no relation to any information published on the site.

No information should be considered as a recommendation. The information is ensured for informational purposes only and is not intended for establishing a diagnosis or creating a treatment plan. The user relies on the information contained on this site at your own risk. Our website should not be utilized as a substitution for visiting and making a conversation with a private physician. If you find mistakes or omissions on this site, please inform our customer care department. The administration keeps the right at any time to change this document without informing the user beforehand. The user should constantly grapple with the changes happened with this document.


The user is responsible for entering the correct delivery address at the time of the order. If the User filled in the incorrect address, the website administration is not eligible to re-ship the parcel to the correctly specified address without extra charges. Shipping address cannot be changed after the order has been processed and shipped.

If there is no product available after placing the order, the Administration keeps the right to ship part of the order or cancel the order completely, with a subsequent refund to the User.

The administration cannot guarantee the definite delivery time.

The current cost of delivery may be changed by the Administration at any time.

Orders are processed either on the same or the next day. Be attentive and follow the holidays’ regimen.

Regular delivery lasts from 2-3 business weeks.

Express delivery time varies from 5 to 9 days but depends on the workload of customs and postal services in the country of destination.

The administration does not bear any responsibility in case of a delay in the order by the international customs services, as well as for the parcels seized by the above services.

All product names offered by the online pharmacy are for the recipient’s personal use only. Resale is generally prohibited by the laws of the importing country.

Return and exchange

The user has the right to return and/or exchange the brought order. The user agrees to notify the administration of the intention to return and/or exchange the order within 15 working days from the date the parcel has been brought. mail or in the contact form. The administration keeps the right to deny to accept and/or exchange the parcel in case the User has claimed his intention after the specified period of time. After receiving permission to return and/or exchange, the order must be received by the Administration within 30 days. Preparations, personal hygiene items, as well as open, damaged items are not subject to return and/or exchange.

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Medical information

The user should be aware that the information received will be reviewed by a group of certified pharmacists. The User is solely responsible for studying all the information on the package and instructions for using the product prior to its use. In the case when the User is not sure whether to use the drug, the Administration of this website strongly recommends that you seek the advice of a physician. The User also takes into account the fact that the Administration can share its contact information with the manufacturer of the products, offering an extended guarantee as well as caring for the product purchased on this website.

In any case, we do not collect, store or exchange any payment information with other customers. The payment transaction is performed on a secure web page and no one visitor of the site has access to this data.