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Over The Counter Pills That Make You Last Longer In Bed

Over The Counter Pills That Make You Last Longer In Bed

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction of varying degrees, but few of them know which drug is better for increasing potency. Men are trying to find pills that will help to solve this problem quickly and effectively. My Canadian Pharmacy has selected the best over the counter pills that will help you improve your potency and last longer in bed.

Best ED drugs that can be purchased online without a prescription


This drug is one of the first drugs of this type, but it is still in demand. The components of the remedy have a positive effect on improving the blood supply to the vessels of the prostate glands and the penis. The tablet is effective for about 4-5 hours. You should start using the preparation with half of a tablet. Then you can gradually increase the dose to 1 tablet. Viagra should not be taken by people with liver and heart disease or individual intolerance to the components of the medicine.


Premature ejaculation causes discomfort in an intimate relationship. Dapoxetine was developed for lovers of long sex. This drug helps to increase the duration of sexual intercourse by 3-4 times. The drug has no analogues among other drugs that can prolong sexual pleasure. A pill should be taken shortly before sexual intercourse. Reviews show that half the dose is enough. Tablets have a preventive effect on the signs of premature ejaculation. Dapoxetine is contraindicated in men with diseases of the heart, blood vessels, liver, with a pronounced reaction to lactose and its components. The tablets should be used with caution by patients with diabetes. You cannot take this stimulant with alcohol, antibiotics, sleeping pills, painkillers, medicines for mental disorders. Side effects are extremely weak and rare, they may include an upset stomach, headache, dizziness.


Avanafil is a new, effective drug that can quickly restore male power. It is one of the best drugs that increase male potency and the best way to cope with sexual impotence. The advantage of Avanafil is speed because the effect is noticeable after 15 minutes. The action lasts 6 hours. But there is an age limit – the drug cannot be used by men under 18 years of age. Avanafil reduces the time to recovery after ejaculation, which is necessary for the man’s body, prolongs the intimate act by 35%. It is suitable for hypotensive persons, can be combined with alcohol and fatty foods. An overdose may cause nasal congestion and headache. The only downside is a higher cost but My Canadian Pharmacy offers a very affordable price for this ED pill.


Cialis is a relatively new drug. The active substance Vardenafil begins to act within 10 minutes. As a stimulant, the agent acts for 36 hours. Even with a short period on the market, the drug has already earned a positive reputation due to its high efficiency. Side effects may include a headache, diarrhea or constipation. The daily maximum dose is 20 mg.


Levitra is considered the drug of a new generation to increase potency. The effect occurs 25 minutes after administration. Duration of action is 10 hours. The remedy strengthens erection and increases the amount of sperm. This remedy is the best among phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. The preparation is available in city pharmacies but you can buy it online at a lower price.

Kamagra Gold

The generic of Viagra contains 100 mg of sildenafil. You should take one tablet per day 30-40 minutes before sexual activity. Repeated intake during the day may cause increased side effects. The remedy increases blood flow to the penis, improving erection. The action of the active substance lasts for about 5 hours. Tablets can be used with food and alcohol: a glass of wine, a glass of vodka, a liter of beer. If taken improperly, mild side effects may occur: photophobia, headache, hot flashes, dizziness. Contraindications for use include acute forms of the disease of the cardiovascular system; simultaneous use of nitrates; kidney and liver failure; sickle cell anemia; chronic leukemia.


This ED drug contains the active substance tadalafil, which is part of Cialis. It is taken 20-30 minutes before intimacy, no more than 20 mg of a substance per day. The effect of the preparation lasts for one and a half days. Tablets can be used with a small amount of alcohol and fatty foods – the effect will not be reduced. But alcohol abuse can cause headaches, lower blood pressure. Successful treatment of weak erection is observed in 90% of cases. When using pills for an erection, a side effect may occur: nasal congestion, eyelid edema, eye pain, back pain. The medicine cannot be used by men under 18 years of age, patients with acute heart, kidney and liver failure, significant deformation of the penis. The remedy must not be combined with other drugs to improve potency.


This drug usually contains 100 mg of sildenafil. The active substance is Sildenafil. You should take 1 tablet per day. It is not recommended to use more than 100 mg of medicine at a time. The medication should be taken 30 minutes before the intended sexual activity. The tablet is active for up to 5 hours. Side effects are rare and include a headache and flushing. The drug is not combined with other drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and nitrates in any form. Silagra is contraindicated for men with chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels, men who are allergic to components. If you have an ulcer, myeloma, penile deformities, leukemia, you should consult a specialist before taking the pills.

Generic Cialis Soft

The tablets contain the same component as Cialis with identical contraindications and side effects. Like other drugs to improve erection, Cialis Soft should not be used more than once a day. Tablets differ in the form of release – dissolve under the tongue. This allows you to feel the effect 10-15 minutes after administration.