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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Guideline

Treatment of psychogenic impotence

An experienced psychotherapist carries out a course of psychotherapy. It is aimed at eliminating the psychogenic causes of erectile dysfunction. The therapy duration is selected individually. The treatment effectiveness of psychogenic forms of erectile dysfunction is very high. It counts for over 80%.

However, psychogenic erectile dysfunction is not so common. Often, when examining a patient with psychogenic impotence, organic disorders are also detected. The treatment of psychogenic impotence is carried out both as monotherapy and as an adjunct to the treatment of mixed forms of impaired erectile function.

Drug therapy

Modern medications used in clinical practice can achieve high treatment efficiency, which reaches 70-80%. You need to consult a doctor to prescribe these drugs with which you may get acquainted here. These drugs have contraindications. These drugs can cause side effects such as headache, sudden redness of the face and neck, flushing of the nasal cavity, changes in color perception and visual acuity.Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Guideline

Vacuum constrictor therapy

This method lies in the creation of the negative pressure in the penile cavernous bodies by means of a vacuum cylinder and a pump. It provokes blood flow. An erection is caused by a special compressive ring at the base of the penis. It limits the venous drainage. Thus, it becomes possible to have sexual intercourse. The compression ring can be set up for no more than 30 minutes. The effectiveness of the method is equal to 40-50%. The cons include painful ejaculation. It is caused by a compressive ring, penile hemorrhages, numbness.

Intracavernous injection of vasoactive drugs

The essence of the method is microinjection of vasoactive drugs. It is done directly into the penis before planned sexual intercourse. This method has become one of the most common and most effective among familiar methods of erectile dysfunction treatment. For this therapy, prostaglandin is applied. It can be either monotherapy or combined.

A combination of drugs is applied to decrease the side effects of each of them. It is achieved by decreasing the concentration and potentiation of the pharmacological effect.

The effectiveness of this method reaches 98%. Impotence treatment, if necessary, is carried out in combination with physiotherapy.


Surgical intervention has recently lost its popularity due to the high effectiveness of drug therapy. Surgical methods are used in extreme cases when conservative treatment does not give the desired outcomes.

Surgical treatment of penile venous insufficiency is conducted venous exclusive penile mechanism is damaged. This method’s effectiveness is equal to almost 50%. Such effectiveness is achieved due to a more thorough examination and the use of more innovative methods of operation. Even if it was not possible to fully restore sexual function after this operation, then the operation in most cases enhances the effect of drug therapy. It allows achieving a more complete restoration of sexual function.

Surgical treatment of arterial insufficiency is performed in case of insufficient arterial blood flow to the cavernous tissue. An arterial microvascular bypass is performed. Its effectiveness ranges from 30 to 50%. This operation shows high efficiency only in young men.

Penile prosthetics is currently the main operational method to restore erectile function. Implantation of prostheses is the final stage of treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is conducted when all previous treatment approaches have failed.