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About Us

My Canadian Pharmacy is an innovative online drugstore devoted to ensuring an automated search for rare and common medications online. Our service is the way you can buy wholesale and retail products and medicines for health at the lowest prices. We also offer our customers the most affordable prices achieved thanks to generics’ sale.

Our online store works around the clock, so our customers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the list of drugs from an online catalog with a certain active ingredient, compare prices, check the availability of drugs.

Our Internet pharmacy has its own large warehouse, which is a guarantee of storage of synthetic medications in accordance with all the requirements and standards established by the manufacturer. By placing an order in our service, you can forget about the tiresome search for drugs in the city, when you are sick, feel bad or simply do not want to leave the house. We will bring your order with the stated periods of time depending on the remoteness of your residence.

Often, in search of medications, people are come across with the lack of the necessary products in the conventional drugstores. Indeed, it is quite difficult to get all the medications in one place fast and cheap. However, visiting our website you cannot doubt you will find all the necessary medications. Any medication you require will be delivered to the specified address, PO boxes including.

Our staff

Our pharmacists are experienced, skilled, polite, friendly and attentive. They all have graduated from medical high schools and offices. They are specialists in this business. Our pharmacists will conduct a consultation over the email: All the inquiries are processed within a short period of time maximum 24 hours.

We believe that staff plays an important role in bringing success to our pharmacy. All our pharmacists have undergone and still attend seminars and webinars devoted to improving their qualification. We also admit learners for a part-time job to gain new knowledge.